Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some of Christie's tax ideas

Now Healthcare has been a big issue, so a quick side not will be made, when on one of my previous sources, from the last post I learned this. Democrats have claimed Christie wants to take Mammograms off of insurance. The real deal however is he wants to let insurance companies offer plans where they can take them off to lessen the price for young females. It is recommended to start getting a mammogram at 40 so young women do not need this in their policies.

Info from: http://blog.nj.com/njv_gregg_edwards/2009/08/corzine_steals_from_palins_pla.html

A blog states that Christie's tax policy is to cut taxes and that he is otherwise unspecific refusing to expound on this.
Info from: http://blog.savejersey.com/2009/05/26/wall-street-journal-to-chris-christie-your-cheap-shots-can-hurt-everyone.aspx

His plan is to cut taxes stressing all taxes including rich and corporate

info from: every website I looked at

When searching for Christie policy I saw him more in comparison to Lonegan than Corzine which suggests after he beat Lonegan for republican nomination his tax plan, which had little detail, of cutting taxes was good enough in comparison to Corzine's track record, this does not bode well however for us. There were even unrealted things on google's first page, saying not much has been said. Not saying much means its hard to say a lot of bad, but the devil is in the details, or here possibly the lack there of.

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