Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Property Tax

I am going to focus in now on property tax in New Jersey so to start let's discuss it in general. First and foremost property tax is you guessed it a tax on your properties value. Now this state has been recorded as having had the largest property tax in the country. It is ridiculous how much a piece of land will cost you here after you buy it.
An issue here is this state's debt. When we owe so much it is hard to tell where the money actually goes there is always money moving out of its right path to fix another problem with the debt. Further in this state we rely on our property tax to handle 50% of our local funds. Most of the money that runs the schools and local governments comes from the people's property taxes.
It is the job of the town to charge a property tax and in this state the towns get little funding from the state government so they need to further increase this tax. One of the issues here is just how many towns this state has, there are so many that the state government must be given some slack for having so much difficulty managing it all.
Christie's plan of action is still murky, but for those who do not realize it, the man is not in office yet. Corzine is still in control in the lame duck period, named that for the lack of productiveness to come out of the period. Christie has so far mentioned consolidation, blurring town lines and making town work together to get their basic responsibilities done. Jobs will be lost in the process but many are likely unnecessary. Christie is taking a if you not part of the solution your part of the problem stance with local leaders.
Specifics to follow

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christie still vague but with reason

Choosing to discuss the governor's tax plan has taken an unexpected turn for me because, well frankly he is not being very frank about it. However an article I read at, dated yesterday says christie is planning on talking taxes soon. The issue is he plans cuts, it is partially why is he was elected, but the state currently has an $8 billion deficient.
Now most will say he is being vague because he does not know and just said it to get elected but I found an interesting different opinion. An article in the New York Times written by and old friend of Christie and a democrat at that. Even though this man has issues with Christie's politics he praises him as an honest, kind, and nice man. He says that Christie is not a man who likes to go back on his word so he has yet to make any real promises for fear of braking them. I recommend those who do not like Christie to read this article, and those who do not know much about him. It seemed and honest look at the man.

This is still vague but believe that Christie will cut taxes. That is what he was elected to do, it is what the people want. What exactly he will do and if it will help the state ... Time will tell.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Some of Christie's tax ideas

Now Healthcare has been a big issue, so a quick side not will be made, when on one of my previous sources, from the last post I learned this. Democrats have claimed Christie wants to take Mammograms off of insurance. The real deal however is he wants to let insurance companies offer plans where they can take them off to lessen the price for young females. It is recommended to start getting a mammogram at 40 so young women do not need this in their policies.

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A blog states that Christie's tax policy is to cut taxes and that he is otherwise unspecific refusing to expound on this.
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His plan is to cut taxes stressing all taxes including rich and corporate

info from: every website I looked at

When searching for Christie policy I saw him more in comparison to Lonegan than Corzine which suggests after he beat Lonegan for republican nomination his tax plan, which had little detail, of cutting taxes was good enough in comparison to Corzine's track record, this does not bode well however for us. There were even unrealted things on google's first page, saying not much has been said. Not saying much means its hard to say a lot of bad, but the devil is in the details, or here possibly the lack there of.

Corzine's tax policy

According to republicans it is not very good, but they do have backing for this. A great deal of people are leaving this state because they can not afford to live here due to Corzine's high taxes. Corzine attempted to draw attention away from this in 2008 by saying there was a increase in migration of people who buy homes worth more than $ 500,000. This is not everyone however and it is not exactly the working-poor democrats represent.

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It should be further noted that this site's current homepage is all about Corzine's expensive tax policy.

A personal blog said that, Corzine's policy taxed people's health insurance making it even less affordable. While calling Health Care a right and not a privilege

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The most reliable source is from and shows several specific things Corzine did to reduce taxes liking cutting the marriage penalty and how much money he has given back, meaning he took it in the first place. Most importantly in this article is the NTU name drop the National Taxpayers Union gave Corzine a 17%, here the higher the better, meaning he is a huge spender. The NTU is a non-partisan organization
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With all this is seems clear Corzine was indeed a big spender and this is no doubt one of the main reasons he was not reelected, the question now is how Christie will compare
So Christie won, it takes a lot for that to happen in my next post to come later today I will look to the past and future to show how the tax issue influenced this election. It is evident that Corzine's previous actions played a larger role than his plan so it will focus on his past and Christie is new at this so he only has a future to discuss.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My bad guys I did not include my sources.

New Jersey in Transition?

This blog will focus on the issue of taxes with the New jersey Government. Being that it is election day I will start with a simple summary of the two main camps. Now I am an independent but I do not acknowledge my "party" as being able to win. I am simply an independent because I am not a fan of either party. After whomever wins I will follow his tax policy. I am interested here in the internet. How it is used to communicate the tax policy of both sides. And once, one of the two parties is in power I will follow there policy and how the other party feels about it. I plan on displaying some mudslinging for the humor in it. Now to begin. With each posting I will get my information from different websites. I intend to incorporate some not so credible ones, but when I do I will also follow up with a credible source, which may be repeats. I will use both the news and the political left and right's own sites.
But first a surprising update at this time Christie is ahead in the polls, surprisingly since New Jersey as far as I know bleeds blue. The issue here is not the winner though but the thorniest of issues taxes. I have chosen this issue because it branches everywhere, being the means to procure funding for the other issues.
The republicans as always want to cut taxes. On Christie's website the link on the issues bar off the top tool bar is not taxes but cutting taxes. Issue aside, this site is very navigable and there are plenty of video clips. An apparent attempt to make of for previous failures to well use this new medium. At the moment the page will not open but I know the idea. To cut taxes for everyone from rich to poor and for business of all sizes for stimulation. Especially for the rich and big business to stimulate the economy.
The Democrats as always want to raise taxes. It is of course not said that way, it is a reallocation of funds to help boost the economy and the like. To speak on the website itself it is a little confusing I have to click twice to get to the issue of "property taxes" I can not even find taxes in general. Here it speaks of "holding the line on property tax" "controlling local school tax". The fact is democrats raise taxes and here he does not say he will by being specific to taxes that will not at least be raised. He also mentions tax relief, and says he will help seniors stay in their homes.
I may seem a bit bitter, and in fact I am but I promise to be equally bitter. Further I glance over these things, because they are just promises I will focus more on the facts.
For the fun mudslinging fact of the day, Corzine called Christie fat, by saying he "threw his weight around" to get out of a ticket. Christie is trying to take the moral high ground but if I may speak for him, Corzine wants to make us communist and tax the rich more even though they deserve their money.