Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Christie still vague but with reason

Choosing to discuss the governor's tax plan has taken an unexpected turn for me because, well frankly he is not being very frank about it. However an article I read at nj.com, dated yesterday says christie is planning on talking taxes soon. The issue is he plans cuts, it is partially why is he was elected, but the state currently has an $8 billion deficient.
Now most will say he is being vague because he does not know and just said it to get elected but I found an interesting different opinion. An article in the New York Times written by and old friend of Christie and a democrat at that. Even though this man has issues with Christie's politics he praises him as an honest, kind, and nice man. He says that Christie is not a man who likes to go back on his word so he has yet to make any real promises for fear of braking them. I recommend those who do not like Christie to read this article, and those who do not know much about him. It seemed and honest look at the man.

This is still vague but believe that Christie will cut taxes. That is what he was elected to do, it is what the people want. What exactly he will do and if it will help the state ... Time will tell.

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