Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Dagget's plan

Now here is an actual tax plan, whether it is a good one or not I will leave up to you but it is the most detailed.
The Chris Daggett tax plan cuts income tax to a 8.97% flat rate.
The Chris Daggett tax plan cuts corporate tax by 25%.
Chris Daggett’s plan cuts property tax by 25%
Under Chris Daggett’s plan the amount of taxes collected stays the same.
Daggett’s plan taxes services used by the rich, like Attorneys, Accountants and Architects.
Now that is a nice slant on it but it is the truth. Dagget wanted cuts and he planned to make them up by expanding what our sales tax encompasses. Now to say it only effects the rich is bias, a great deal of people need lawyers and accountants. I have heard it taxes haircuts and other much more simple things. All the same still not necessities, although I would hate to see if this plan increased at home hair cuts and brough back the bowl cut. It is however an idea and a detailed one, I have mixed feelings about it but I do not intend to dwell on them to much. After all Dagget did not get elected and I do not think Christie will be using his plan.

Christie's Victory

I have come to understand that Christie had the advanatge of a defensive campaign. Since June even Democrats thought Christie would take the win. So much so they debated switching canidates for a while. As a result Christie simly did not have to mess up his campaign. So he played it close to the vest he did not say alot of details to avoid them being used agaisnt them and he tried to stay out of the mudslinging. And he did a good enough job of this and won himself the election.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Here is an idea,

January 16, 2009

The Honorable Jon Corzine
Office of the Governor
PO Box 001
Trenton, NJ 08625

Dear Governor Corzine:

Declines in home values have resulted in a disparity between the market valuations of homes in New Jersey and the valuations at which those homes are assessed for the determination of property taxes.

Some homeowners have appealed their property tax bills based on these lower market values and have successfully had their assessed valuations reduced. While home values in many neighborhoods have fallen uniformly, this piecemeal approach to reassessment has the potential danger of shifting the tax burden to other homeowners who may not know how to appeal their assessments.

A published report in the Herald News on January 12, 2009 stated that property tax appeals in Passaic County rose by 70% last year. During the same period, the report states that appeals in Wanaque rose by nearly 300%. Similar surges in appeals have likely occurred across New Jersey.

These reports clearly demonstrate that hard financial times are forcing people to scrutinize every expense, including property tax bills that are based on outdated valuations. We can be certain that an even larger flood of appeals can be expected in this difficult year. In these extraordinary times, we should investigate a comprehensive approach to reassessing home values statewide.

We have called on the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee to hold hearings on the possibility of a statewide reassessment of property values. Cooperation by the State Division of Taxation is obviously essential to any review. We certainly hope that your Administration will support this effort to ensure uniformity in property assessments as the state works through our fiscal difficulties.


Tom Kean
Senate Republican Leader

Robert Singer
Senator, District 30

Now this is an almost one year proposal and on the blog I got this from there was a following blog about tax reassessments cards. Now I did what any professional would do I asked my mommy and she said she had not received any such thing. Taxes are after all done by town so a letter to Corzine is not going to really work. However it is not a bad idea. Oh by the way that blog I linked is basically mine but admittedly better. In my defense I post more often so ha. In his town there was a reassessment. So it is being done in some places in the state. It would be a good idea for the governor to mandate it.