Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Corzine's tax policy

According to republicans it is not very good, but they do have backing for this. A great deal of people are leaving this state because they can not afford to live here due to Corzine's high taxes. Corzine attempted to draw attention away from this in 2008 by saying there was a increase in migration of people who buy homes worth more than $ 500,000. This is not everyone however and it is not exactly the working-poor democrats represent.

Info from:http://www.njassemblyrepublicans.com/press_release.php?id=301
It should be further noted that this site's current homepage is all about Corzine's expensive tax policy.

A personal blog said that, Corzine's policy taxed people's health insurance making it even less affordable. While calling Health Care a right and not a privilege

Info from: http://blog.nj.com/njv_gregg_edwards/2009/08/corzine_steals_from_palins_pla.html

The most reliable source is from ontheissues.org and shows several specific things Corzine did to reduce taxes liking cutting the marriage penalty and how much money he has given back, meaning he took it in the first place. Most importantly in this article is the NTU name drop the National Taxpayers Union gave Corzine a 17%, here the higher the better, meaning he is a huge spender. The NTU is a non-partisan organization
Info From:http://www.ontheissues.org/Governor/Jon_Corzine_Tax_Reform.htm

With all this is seems clear Corzine was indeed a big spender and this is no doubt one of the main reasons he was not reelected, the question now is how Christie will compare

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