Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Property Tax

I am going to focus in now on property tax in New Jersey so to start let's discuss it in general. First and foremost property tax is you guessed it a tax on your properties value. Now this state has been recorded as having had the largest property tax in the country. It is ridiculous how much a piece of land will cost you here after you buy it.
An issue here is this state's debt. When we owe so much it is hard to tell where the money actually goes there is always money moving out of its right path to fix another problem with the debt. Further in this state we rely on our property tax to handle 50% of our local funds. Most of the money that runs the schools and local governments comes from the people's property taxes.
It is the job of the town to charge a property tax and in this state the towns get little funding from the state government so they need to further increase this tax. One of the issues here is just how many towns this state has, there are so many that the state government must be given some slack for having so much difficulty managing it all.
Christie's plan of action is still murky, but for those who do not realize it, the man is not in office yet. Corzine is still in control in the lame duck period, named that for the lack of productiveness to come out of the period. Christie has so far mentioned consolidation, blurring town lines and making town work together to get their basic responsibilities done. Jobs will be lost in the process but many are likely unnecessary. Christie is taking a if you not part of the solution your part of the problem stance with local leaders.
Specifics to follow

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