Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New Jersey in Transition?

This blog will focus on the issue of taxes with the New jersey Government. Being that it is election day I will start with a simple summary of the two main camps. Now I am an independent but I do not acknowledge my "party" as being able to win. I am simply an independent because I am not a fan of either party. After whomever wins I will follow his tax policy. I am interested here in the internet. How it is used to communicate the tax policy of both sides. And once, one of the two parties is in power I will follow there policy and how the other party feels about it. I plan on displaying some mudslinging for the humor in it. Now to begin. With each posting I will get my information from different websites. I intend to incorporate some not so credible ones, but when I do I will also follow up with a credible source, which may be repeats. I will use both the news and the political left and right's own sites.
But first a surprising update at this time Christie is ahead in the polls, surprisingly since New Jersey as far as I know bleeds blue. The issue here is not the winner though but the thorniest of issues taxes. I have chosen this issue because it branches everywhere, being the means to procure funding for the other issues.
The republicans as always want to cut taxes. On Christie's website the link on the issues bar off the top tool bar is not taxes but cutting taxes. Issue aside, this site is very navigable and there are plenty of video clips. An apparent attempt to make of for previous failures to well use this new medium. At the moment the page will not open but I know the idea. To cut taxes for everyone from rich to poor and for business of all sizes for stimulation. Especially for the rich and big business to stimulate the economy.
The Democrats as always want to raise taxes. It is of course not said that way, it is a reallocation of funds to help boost the economy and the like. To speak on the website itself it is a little confusing I have to click twice to get to the issue of "property taxes" I can not even find taxes in general. Here it speaks of "holding the line on property tax" "controlling local school tax". The fact is democrats raise taxes and here he does not say he will by being specific to taxes that will not at least be raised. He also mentions tax relief, and says he will help seniors stay in their homes.
I may seem a bit bitter, and in fact I am but I promise to be equally bitter. Further I glance over these things, because they are just promises I will focus more on the facts.
For the fun mudslinging fact of the day, Corzine called Christie fat, by saying he "threw his weight around" to get out of a ticket. Christie is trying to take the moral high ground but if I may speak for him, Corzine wants to make us communist and tax the rich more even though they deserve their money.

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